Hi, I am Salinas.

I started my photography business on a part-time side business basis in 2010, merely as a way provide myself a creative outlet. While working hard to further my career as a Commercial Real Estate Manager with the worlds largest REIT, I knew something was still missing. Fast forward to 2015 while at a Yoga Retreat in Tulum Mx, I realized that my heart and soul did not belong in the corporate world anymore, and that a big transitional shift needed to be made, and soon.

In the beginning of 2016 that change happened, and my photography business was restructured and rebranded to take on all the possibilities. Years later, still going strong and working with both local and national firms, you will now find me shooting architectural projects, commercial still work: conventions, trade-shows, large functions, lifestyle shoots, and headshots. No longer sitting in a cubicle (except for when I am helping Real Estate Clients), the transitional shift has happened.

When there is no camera in hand, you will find me cooking, getting outdoors, and traveling/exploring at every moments notice.

~Photography is expression, realism, inspiration; it’s capturing life. Our lives and environments around us are changing ever so fast as we watch our skylines constantly evolve, friends and family age, pets come and go, and every one of these moments deserves to be remembered. Photography is life frozen in time. Catching real intimacy, real being, originality, expression, feeling, and experiences. 

That’s the magic in photography. 

It’s so much more than just having photos with the perfect pose to post online and brag to friends. 

It’s about having visuals of these moments that you can cherish forever, because our memories and minds do fade. 

It’s a celebration. Its art. It is that moment you see with your eyes captured forever. And it’s what I love.

Licenses: WA State Broker, FAA 107

Memberships: Nikon Professional Services, NPPA

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